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Peace of mind for your fire safety

Fire Service Professionals has a team of dedicated technicians who have extensive experience in the installation and maintenance of all different makes and models of fire equipment.


  • Specialise in the installation and maintenance of fire precaution equipment to meet Australian Standards and the relevant Government acts.
  • Are not tied to a manufacturing base, and as such we offer an innovative approach designed to meet our customers needs.
  • Are committed to delivering quality installation and service at reasonable prices.

Fire Service Professionals is a member of the Fire Protection Association Australia.

Fire Service Professionals is licensed by the QBCC. Licence number 745169.

Fire Service Professionals sits on the TC/2 Fire Alarm Technical Committee "TC1 Maintenance of Fire Protection Equipment".

Fire Service Professionals is a Standards Australia Committee member of CS-072 Safety in House Design.

Our customers come from all over Queensland

We have a diverse customer base including government, industrial and private sector. Some of our clients include the Castlemaine Perkins brewery and Prescare. We pride ourselves on delivering service to all parts of Queensland using a network of partnerships.

Environment, Health & Safety

Fire Service Professionals has Quality Assurance to the Australian Standard ISO 9001:2015. Our Quality Management Systems are certified by third party Sustainable Certification, Certificate Number 2017-6372. Our Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems AS/NZS 4801:2001 are also certified by third party Sustainable Certification.

Fire Service Professionals actively addresses environmental issues in its own operations and during on-site activities.

In accordance with our environmental policies, Fire Service Professionals follows specific guidelines:

  1. Taking all practical measures to prevent the processes, plant and equipment used from causing environmental harm.
  2. Utilising environmentally sensitive products, technology and practices.
  3. Recycling the products, we use.
  4. Complying with any special environmental requirement at customer locations.

The company delivered their service to the facility efficiently, effectively and within a tight time frame.

Ruth Forrester, Aged Care Queensland