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Trevor Voevodin - experience and expertise

Trevor Voevodin founded Fire Service Professionals in 1994 after being involved in the fire safety and detection industry since 1980. Prior to establishing Fire Service Professionals Trevor was the State and Divisional Manager for large industry participants, including Fire Fighting Enterprises. While Trevor's professional career has concentrated on fire safety and detection, he has also worked for a variety of large companies, starting with Walker's Limited in Maryborough, filling a range of roles, including management and control of a power station.

Trevor has served continuously on the Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA Australia) Board since 2007, and has held the presidency role on two occasions from 2011 until his retirement from the board in 2018. Trevor is also an active participant in FPA Australia’s Technical Advisory Committees (TACs), TAC/1 - Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment, TAC/2 - Fire Detection and Alarm Systems and CS-072 Safety In-House Design, which are fundamental to the continued development of the broader fire protection industry.

Trevor is a hands-on participant in the business and clients can draw directly on his experience and expertise.

It's certainly been a long road and I would like to place on record the support we have had from Trevor Voevodin and his team at Fire Service Professionals.

Mick McDonald, Beaumont Fire Compliance