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Reducing costs by empowering the client

Fire Service Professionals Pty Ltd started in 1994 with the aim of delivering cost effective maintenance of fire systems to customers.

Our business management systems were audited by the government in 1995 and we have continually improved our systems since that time. The government audit team conducts 3 yearly audits of FSP and we are accredited to AS/NZS 9001:2008.

Our company is structured to emphasise reducing call outs by conducting the correct preventative maintenance of the systems.

Our personnel have generally come from an indusrial electrical background where if equipment is not maintained correctly then the machinery shuts down causing loss of production, and loss of faith in the technical abilities of the technician.

Performance reviews are conducted in May each year for all FSP staff. The performance and salaries of our technicians are gauged on the response from our customers.

In 2008 we took on the maintenance of all of the Prescare aged care sites in Queensland. It took the first 12 months to correctly test each site, establish a register of equipment on each site, train the onsite personnel to take ownership of their fire systems and reduce the amount of callouts to the sites.

We have a policy of leaving new or serviced detectors in the fire panel for onsite personnel to change should a detector require replacement. The policy of training onsite personnel to change a detector was instigated following discussions with the QBCC who regard the replacement of a detector as the same as replacing a light bulb.

Once a customer takes ownership of their fire system the ongoing cost to maintain the system becomes a joint effort. As we focus on the reduction in false alarms through correct location of detectors and the correct annual testing of the detectors, the cost of maintaining the fire system reduces over time.

We promote non-proprietary systems where the customer owns the software and has a greater choice of service providers.


It's certainly been a long road and I would like to place on record the support we have had from Trevor Voevodin and his team at Fire Service Professionals.

Mick McDonald, Beaumont Fire Compliance