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Fire Service Professionals Pty Ltd experienced technicians handle all aspects of fire system maintenance on behalf of our clients, from design to installation. Fire Service Professionals Pty Ltd offers an innovative approach designed to meet our customers’ needs and is committed to delivering quality installation and service at reasonable prices. Fire Service Professionals Pty Ltd provides a 24-hour emergency service for our clients.

Fire systems are made of different components, but they need to be maintained as an integrated whole. While all the components may work separately, they may not work together, and most importantly they may not work in the event of an actual fire.

Maintenance is moving from a prescriptive regime to a performance one. That means that newer more effective equipment may save time and money in maintenance by being programmed to self-report failure or maintenance problems via email.

Under the law you are currently required to:

  • have components regularly serviced;
  • have a training and evacuation plan (training must only be carried out by recognised training organisations);
  • keep records of fire instruction;
  • report annually on servicing of equipment and lodge a schedule 2 with the QFES (please refer to Client Resources for more information).

For an overview of current requirements and future directions in fire maintenance systems please download our PDF summary by clicking here.

Emergency Warning & Intercommunication

Fire Service Professionals Pty Ltd designs warning systems to suit hospitals, aged care facilities, general commercial buildings and industrial plants. The systems can communicate with individuals on the spot helping them to make well-informed decisions even while an event occurs.      

Aspirating Addressable Smoke Detection

An aspirating addressable smoke detection system actively samples the air for smoke in two places: at the point of collection and at a central collection spot. It will give three levels of warning. The first a noise such as an alert tone in the room of origin, the second a similar noise in a corridor of origin, with the third being a full brigade call and occupant warning.  To view a typical layout to understand better how this system works click here.            

Aged Care Fire Protection

Aged care facilities have different needs from other facilities, and these are met by Fire Service Professionals Pty Ltd systems. Fire protection systems for aged care facilities place emphasis on staff notification and residents' safety and amenity. Amongst other things this means lower noise levels in residents' rooms and warning systems specifically designed to alert staff to a potential risk, whilst not distressing the residents.

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It's certainly been a long road and I would like to place on record the support we have had from Trevor Voevodin and his team at Fire Service Professionals.

Mick McDonald, Beaumont Fire Compliance